Responsive Website v/s Mobile site

Responsive v/s Mobile

Quantifying the difference on Mobile

To decide which one is best for you, it is important to understand both options in detail. And we, as an experienced responsive & mobile web design company in India, can help you understand it. There are pros and cons of using responsive website versus creating a dedicated mobile site. A mobile site is nothing more than a collection of web pages that have been created specifically for mobile devices. On the other hand, responsive web design services are designed to make a customized appearance depending on the device being used.

Loading time - Mobile sites tend to have lesser time as all site components are mobile-based while responsive websites take more time to load as all components of desktop site are included, but in rearranged and resized layout.

Features - Responsive websites offer full desktop features to users while mobile sites have limited features upto most useful only.

User Experience - Mobile websites tend to deliver a better user experience with larger buttons, easy clickable links and other components in easy to use way while responsive site reduce the user convenience in comparison to original desktop site due to minimized links, icons and scaled components. This is why a responsive web design company is considered game changer.

Traffic & SEO - Responsive websites are meant to be more SEO-friendly as same URL is used to display websites for different devices. This point is of huge importance as it leads to better sales and business.