Offshore Software development process

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Our offshore software development process is the most vital facet to effectively and flawlessly deploy the offshore outsourcing solutions and reap the benefits in terms of cost savings and functionality. Our highly dedicated team of software development professionals carries out the initial project identification process and analyze the concepts though preliminary consultation with the customer. The design, development and implementation processes are carried out at the offshore development center in India. Olive India has developed a matured process management methodology to ensure outstanding quality at every step of the process:

NDA and IP:

As an industry norm, we don’t forget to sign NDA and IP agreement at project initiation to protect our client’s confidential information. From this stage, the responsibility of the project will be taken fully by the assigned account manager.

Client Requirement:

Account Manager consults with the client to fully understand the requirement considering the SRS / brief outline about the project. Our technical team reviews the same and defines the scope and best matching technology for the project.

Requirement Understanding Document:

This is one of the most crucial aspects of any reliable software engineering process. Dedicated resources prepare RUD towards the project and the same is shared with the client for his inputs and feedback. Olive India ensures that both the parties (Olive India & Client) are on the same point before going ahead towards the execution of the project / modules / phases.

Engagement Model

It is the full responsibility of the account manager who suggests the best matching engagement model for the project. Basis the engagement model chosen by the client and the complexity of project, Olive India determines the corresponding resources to be employed during the project execution.

Statement of Work

On the basis of RUD, account manager prepares SOW including (Scope of work) the technical and financial elements in the project. The SOW is to give a clear definition of all the features described in the specifications will accomplish the designated tasks. The SOW should clearly define the key elements of the proposed system, which include modules, milestones, phases, communication path, delivery timelines, commercials, etc.


This is the most important process in the software-development process, whose aim is to implement the code. During this phase, the actual work of the project is undertaken to produce the project’s deliverables according to the chosen solution. Account manager acts as an intermediary between the technical team and client.


After development, QA engineers test the application. We aim to provide a bug free solution to our client. After comprehensive testing, application is hosted on Olive India ’s server to lead to the UAT phase.

User Acceptance Testing Phase

During this phase, client test the application at his end. Any bugs or errors issued by the client would be resolved as soon as possible.

Final Project Delivery

Olive EGE has a strong belief in ensuring quality and timely delivery. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we know how to achieve it by making the timely delivery of the quality product / project.

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