Offshore Softwaredevelopment process

At Olive India , our offshore software development process is the most crucial facet to effectively and flawlessly deploy the offshore outsourcing solutions. We allow our clients to reap the benefits of offshore software development in terms of cost efficiency and usability. Our highly dedicated to software development professionals carries out the initial project requirement and analyzes the concepts through preliminary consultation with the customer.

Project Initiation

The first and foremost step of the process is to understand the key project requirements. At this stage, our project management team determines roles of responsibilities for the software development. The development team ensures all the client-specific and project-specific analytical and statistical information get framed exactly in the process delivery model.

Besides client and project’s details, below documents are typically procured to start the project:

  • Functionality Matrix Document
  • Effort Estimation Compendium
  • Project Understanding, development, management and solution approach

Requirement Analysis

Our project management team carries out an in-depth study of client and project requirement to define the project scope and document the desired systems as per the given specifications. If client provides these specifications, then the team delves & understands these requirements and analyzes the basic details to finish it efficiently.

Varied compendiums that are created by the team are:

  • Software Requirement Specifications
  • Functional Requirements Specifications
  • Non-functional Requirement Specifications
  • Requirement Clarification Documents
  • Project Jargons
  • Requirement Change Impact Document

Software Project Planning

In offshore software development process, strategic planning is one of the vital stages of project management. It widely encompasses various activities such as creating and reviewing the software project management plan involving high-grade architecture, delivery and implementation schedules for software development.

Understanding the need of effective communication, we at Olive India define proper channel of communication for desired outcome and smooth execution of the project.

Project Tracking

The conceptual design and execution of the project is done basis the specified software process model. Our team of developers ensures the great precision in the execution of the project according to the defined project plan. The project is persistently monitored for the risk mitigation and anticipatory actions. At Olive India , we understand real world’s business facts and customize our projects as per the requirements. Our team also prepares the analytical compendium of project tracking, management and handling. It describes system architecture, design, schedule, deliverables and testing phase.

Software Quality Assurance

We strive towards ensuring complete quality assurance at Olive India . While a project is executed at our offshore development centre, we strictly follow a suite of effective communication, project development methodology and testing techniques. At the outset, quality is at the core of the processes.


Being the most versatile phase of development, we collectively integrate and rigorously test the software for maximum performance. Application behavior is compared with the given specifications and any shortcomings are determined and corrected at the same time. We carry out functionality testing, integration testing, usability testing, and performance testing


After the completion of the project, we implement the same at its designated location followed the imparting proper training to the end-users of the system.


At Olive India , our maintenance activities encompass system maintenance and other software features such as database, applications, modules, functional features and network systems. We also cultivate application enhancement services for future execution whenever requested by the client.

Our core focus is on achieving full customer satisfaction through our high-end offshore software development process. Our scalable and agile approach gives us the needed competitive edge in building the most reliable software products.

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