Switch to outsourcing to enter the world of endless possibilities. Improve your bottom line. Get better output. What’s more, get it all with much less effort and costs.

Outsourcing your work has become a tried-and-tested model and is recognized as a long-term competitive strategy for success. Outsourcing as we know it today is merely a progression of an idea that has existed since early days of trade.

Offshoring or outsourcing refers to the multi-national corporate strategy to send jobs and work to low-wage countries as a way to reduce the bottom line. On the same path, IT outsourcing has long been considered a way to bring down costs. These outsourcing partners provide manpower services along with methodologies and repeatable processes to deliver quality services less expensively than corporations. As software development companies struggle with increasing financial concerns and the difficult problem of filling specialized technology positions in their development sections, they rely more and more on outside software development partners to help them solve this challenge.

Olive India is in the business of creating long-term partnerships with its clients. Transparency, robust project management and seamless communication are the foundation of our services.

Outsourcing Overview

To remain competitive both technically and financially, outsourcing is much needed as it allows you intelligently manage costs and develop your technology.


Business Engagement Models

At Olive India , we serve our esteemed clients through the use of several engagement models that can be customized to meet their specific needs.


Outsourcing Services Offered

Browse through our wide range of software development services that allow you get that winning edge in technology landscape.


Outsourcing Advantages

Getting access to top notch services at competitive rates is the biggest advantage that you can get while outsourcing.


Offshore Development Center/Models

Olive had dedicated offshore development team that works diligently to conduct accurate, efficient and cost effective software development



It’s good to have questions when you’re seeking out an outsourcing partner. So we have your covered with our extensive FAQs section. Dive in to get to know Olive better.


Why Olive

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