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Olive India offshore development model delivers the quality, flexibility and responsiveness to respond to your business dynamics

Our offshore development model is perfected over several years, numerous projects, and requirements, both from the business and technical perspective. We offer Dedicated Offshore Development Center services to SME customers who are willing to setup their own, dedicated offshore facility as an extension to their own capability and infrastructure.

Below are salient features of this development model:

  • Requirement Analysis – We spend a great deal of time upfront understanding your current business, industry dynamics, and requirements both from the business and technical expertise
  • Project Definition – Based on our preliminary study, we prepare a detailed project delivery roadmap. The team setup defines details such as your single-point of contact, project manager, escalation procedures, resolution SLAs, etc.
  • Execution - Our Agile-based software development methodology ensures quick development cycles, coordinated testing efforts, and enhanced visibility into the progress of the project.
  • Effective Communication – We put more emphasis on community part. Timely progress reports, SCRUM meets, and fortnightly / monthly reviews are crucial aspects of our product development workflow.
  • Completion or Transition - All our projects include end-to-end integration and training support so you can get easy with your new product / application with no time to lose.

Our well-defined offshore outsourcing software development and delivery model is easily customizable to meet your specific needs. It is this flexibility that makes us an outsourcing partner of choice for our customers.

Why Olive

Backed by 15+ years of core domain expertise

  • strategy, creativity and technology

  • 1000+ projects

  • Result-Oriented Approach

  • Cultural Compatibility

  • Competitive Cost