User experience mattes the most when you are building a web or mobile application. And therefore, we recommend our clients Silverlight. Powered by .NET, Silverlight is a powerful development tool that brings a whole level of engagement and interactivity to web and mobile applications.

Being a highly effective web application framework, Microsoft Silverlight has the capability to transform the web pages into a more interactive user experience.

Olive India strives to be your one-stop destination for experienced Silverlight application development services and experts who are capable of creating interactive and engaging user experiences across a range of platforms including desktop, web, and mobile applications – both offline and online. The .NET framework powers Rich Internet Application (RIA) from Microsoft, which is compatible with multiple devices, operating systems and browsers. It is an answer to applications that require high interactivity across the web as it offers a new range of interactivity for multimedia features, animation and graphics.

Whether you want RIA development services on a global level or want to outsource Silverlight development services to a reputed player, Olive India would come out as the most preferred choice. Backed by years of expertise, Our Silverlight developers offer competitive and highly customized development solutions in the most advanced RIA technologies.

Our Silverlight development services include:

  • Integration of existing web applications with Silverlight plug-in
  • Creation of Rich Internet Applications with Microsoft Silverlight
  • Development and customization of a variety of web widgets
  • Development of Multimedia internet solutions
  • Creation of web pages that use both WPF and HTML elements with Silverlight
  • Design and deployment of AJAX-based applications
  • Creation of interactive solutions suitable for Windows mobile

Besides providing customized Silverlight website & application development, we also help you create and deliver complex web applications in an effective way. We at Olive India ensure that our services are provided at competitive rates. Our Silverlight developers ensure that your project details as well as budget and time constraints are kept in mind while no compromise is made on the quality side.