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Green Decowood Gets A Brand New Website

Green Decowood collection is special.

The natural veneers are not only affordable solutions for those who want to beautify their interiors and exteriors, but also lead to a reduced need for tree felling (since they are built from the thin shavings of timbers).

The client needed us to build a website that can encapsulate the essence of the brand, and its closeness with nature.

We designed the home page with a purpose –

Check this website out. And you’ll instantly feel spellbound with the imagery that the home page is all about. It shows nature in its glory, and the brand Green Decowood as its part.

We didn’t opt for regular navigation, and instead went for ‘sandwich button’.

The minute you click on the sandwich button, you get the path to reach out to all the important pages of the website.

Moreover, we have built the website to be device agnostic so that it can look good no matter which device is used to view the website.

The newly designed and developed website is breathtakingly beautiful and built for consistent user experience across devices and screen resolutions.

See for yourself.