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DishTV – Asia’s Largest DTH Company – Goes Live!

Building a website from ground up is never an easy task, particularly if you are to build this website for Asia’s largest DTH Company.

To begin with, we had to map out the entire user journey – for new DishTV users as well as for the existing users. And, then the products, services, and offers of the company had to be presented in the most effective manner possible.

A lot of time and energy went into figuring out how we wanted the website users to interact with the website, and the kind of experience they should leave the website with. Once we were clear on the UX, we got into debates on typography, color palette, CTAs, banners, copy, and online promotions methods such as search engine optimization and social media marketing. Once we got sure about our strategy and how we were going to approach the project, we set on the journey.

We tapped into the possibilities that HTML5 and CSS3 had to offer

The era of multi-device experience has finally come. People are increasingly favouring their mobile devices for their browsing and search needs. And thus, we had to build a device agnostic website, which could look good across devices and resolutions.

User Experience was at the center of everything we thought and did

We knew the website would attract millions of visits. So, the website had to load really fast, regardless of the device and screen resolutions; the website had to have insanely simple navigation design and information architecture; and the website had to be extremely well-written, and search-engine friendly. Yes, the emphasis was on User Experience, right from the very first day.

In the end, it was celebration time

The website went live as planned, and achieved an overwhelming response from its stakeholders, including the customers of the company.