Digital marketing trends that ruled 2017

The requirement of clients is diverse; for example, few brands want a lot of engagement on their social media whereas few brands prioritize leads first and social media engagement later. On the other hand, there are few brands who just want their presence on social media platforms. No matter what is the requirement of a brand, social media is truly ruling the landscape of online marketing.

Being a quarter away from biding bye to the year 2017, let’s have a look at what all ruled the digital media marketing this year.

1.    Content marketing is still the king

It means that content marketing is still the king out of all the digital marketing techniques and one should stop focusing on paid search marketing and give importance to content marketing for organic traffic.

2.    Creation of engaging content

This year the priorities of any B2C content curators was to create engaging content, visually pleasing content and we are quite sure that this trend is going to stay there for a long time.

3.    Going live on Facebook and Instagram

This year we saw a lot of live updates. Many promotional and launch events etc. were covered on Facebook or Instagram Live which was quite helpful as well to engage more customers.

4.    Infographics performs the best

This year as well, there was a growth in the use Infographics and they are performing better than any other type of content.

5.    High demand for interactive content

The demand for highly interactive content has been increasing. The digital marketing companies in India have been specially curating engaging social media strategies for their clients to increase engagement on clients’ social media platforms. For example, weekly contests, giveaway strategies etc.

So we can conclude that social media has an enormous impact in today’s digital marketing scenario and is expected to grow manifold in 2018.

Three necessary steps towards a good website navigation

On a website, even a minor change brings a major distinction. Similarly, website navigation is an extraordinary case. There is a major distinction amongst great and terrible navigation. Clients can battle while perusing your site, which is not a great first impression. The structure and names of your site route convey a colossal effect on results.

Discuss the following with you mobile website development company, as you should make the experience your readers interesting rather than making it confusing:

1.    Say "No" to Format-Based Navigation

Format based navigations like “Photos” and “Videos”are labels which only tell the reader what files are there in the link and nowhere depicts the theme of the labels. A website is easier to use if it has descriptive navigations labels.

Your reader comes to your website not just for pictures or videos but other informative data and answers as well.

2.    Say "Yes" to Mobile-Friendly site

Competition is getting to be plainly harder to make services easier.

Statics site can no more be the influx of your business. It is being supplanted by mobile-friendly responsive plan. Google likewise dumps locales without certain mobile friendly features. It is a planned approach to disentangle guest's understanding on our site.

Make your site simple which can be easily navigated on mobiles.

3.    Stay away from drop down menus

But you must be thinking that they are so popular, right?! In any case, it isn’t a smart choice. There are two fundamental motivations to abstain from utilizing drop down menus.

Search Engine Friendly: Drop down menus emerge issues for web search tools to slither, contingent upon how they're programmed.

User friendly: Drop down menu is irritating. Clients are accepted to move their eyes quicker than their mouse. Such menu debilitates guests to see all pages and due to this they might even ignore some vital pages.

Your website is the window to your customer you can see inside the world of your brand. Provide them with an easy navigation, so that they don’t leave in first place and revisit your site multiple times.

If there’s anything that you would like to discuss, we’re all ears since our proficiency as a mobile website development company can benefit you and your business.

Offshoring: Outsourced Business Functions

How it all started..

We all are familiar with types of outsourcing like process-specific, manufacturing, operational, professional services outsourcing, similarly offshore outsourcing in India quite common these days.

What is offshoring?

Offshoring is simply outsourcing business functions to be done in another country. In order to curb labor expenses, businesses often outsource their functions to another country. Not necessarily it is about cost cutting but businesses often  outsource their business functions in order to enter new markets, tap talent currently which is unavailable domestically or to get away from regulations (in their country) that prevent specific activities domestically.

How India emerged as an offshoring center?

In recent times, India has emerged as the major hub in offshoring, especially in software work. The three main reasons which led to the opening of many offshore development centers in India are the following.

•    First, it was in the 1970s when Indian government initiated regulations that mandated that all foreign ventures have Indian majority ownership. Many large U.S.A. corporations like IBM, left quickly in thefear of government takeover, which left India in the position of fending for itself to maintain its technical infrastructures. This led to a major creation of schools to train technologyto students.

•    Secondly, with the ubiquity of the Internet globally and massive growth of telecommunications capacity, it enabled companies in India to get computer-based work done.

•    Third, as the year 2000 approached, big organizations hired service providers from India to update their legacy program code. Due to the fact that English was a common language in India, much of this work was handled here. In addition to knowledge of English, large and highly trained population of software engineers was available in India with low labor costs as compared to developed countries.

How the scenario changed?

It was in 2000, when the bug Y2K hit the world to create havoc in computer and computer networks! Indian offshore development centers proved their merits during this time and since then it has continued making the talents and skills (and cost savings) available to big companies in foreign.

Other countries which have software expertise other than India are Russia, Ireland,Philippines, Czechoslovakia and Poland. These countries have surfaced as popular destinations of offshore development centers.

If there’s anything that you wish to share about offshore development centers in India, we would love to hear from you!

Responsive Web Design for Mobiles

A basic element of any successful website is a responsive web design. A web design that adapts itself to any screen is responsive web design, and even Google also uses this important factor to rank websites. 80% of the people use their mobiles to surf websites. Thus, it is really important to look for a company which provides responsive web design services.

Here’s a list of ways to improve the responsiveness of any website.

  • Experience high quality browsing on all devices

Not everyone uses their desktops to surf a website, thus it is very important that your website works well on desktops as well as mobiles. There should be no compromise in the quality of browsing across all the devices.

  • Easy Navigation

Squeezing your website for a mobile device is not enough, easy navigation is really important for the visitor to stay on the website. A good navigation will create curiosity in the mind of the visitor to surf the website more.

  • Scalable Images

Do not use the same large size images which are used for the desktop version. If the aesthetics will be too large, it will take long to load website on mobile devices. Also reduce some images for mobile version for quick loading of website.

  • Touchscreen Optimization

With major use of touchscreen smartphones, touchscreen optimization should definitely be considered for responsive web designs. For example, swiping allows the user to surf the website easily.

For a successful website, simplicity is the key. Even if you want the website with fancy fonts and design do not miss on factors like easy navigation, high quality browsing, scalable images, touchscreen optimization and other details.

You must hire a company which gives you beneficial responsive web design services in India.

Top 3 reasons why PHP is the right choice to build your website

Most of the website developers must have advised you to build your website in PHP, isn’t it? After all, it is one of the most popular languages used for developing website. But have you ever wondered what the reasons are behind its popularity? Well, it actually offers a plethora of benefits and these benefits make PHP so popular.

To help you understand the benefits of using PHP for building your website, here we’ve the top 3 of them.

•    Free of cost

Could there be anything better than something that is free? No, right? PHP being an open source, you do not have to pay for it and this is why people prefer using it. Even the best website and application development company in India suggest using PHP. It is developed by a community of developers across the globe and the components can be used for free.

•    Easy and capable

Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia or any big and popular website that is widely visited use PHP as their framework. The reason you ask? It is because PHP can handle websites that draw lot of traffic with its easily readable and understandable syntax. Also, you can design any and every type of website using PHP.

•    Platform independent and supports major web services

PHP is platform independent and also supports major web services such as iPlanet, Microsoft IIS, Apache etc. This means that you can use it on all major operating systems be it Mac OS, Windows, UNIX and Linux.

This post must have helped you understand why PHP is the best choice for your website.It has successfully proven its capability by maintaining website that are most popular and visited. Also, perusing the points that we’ve discussed above will surely help you take a better decision.

We’ve lot more to tell you through our blogs. So stay tuned. Also, if you’ve any queries, you can write to us.

The myths and benefits of .NET (Dot Net)

For those who aren’t aware of what .NET or Dot Net is, Wikipedia says, “.NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library named Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages.”

Though there are a number of other platforms to build applications, Dot Net is the most popular one as it offers advantages to businesses, customers and developers. However, many people believe in the myths too. So to help you differentiate between the benefits and myths, here we’ve listed them.


•    It is complicated and untrustworthy

This is the most popular myth among people. Dot Net is free and you can hire a Dot Net development company to enjoy the benefits. Look for developers who are experts.

•    It is too expensive to afford

This again is a myth because the cost of development includes the hosting cost too. And the hosting cost has nothing to do with the .Net platform. It depends on how popular the hosting services are.

•    It is meant for big shots

If you too are one of them who believes that .NET is only useful for big businesses and not for the small ones, you need to reconsider it. The fact is that.NET is useful and beneficial for all, regardless of how big or small the business is.


•    The amount of code that is needed to build large apps is reduced in .NET.

•    Another important benefit is that the platform has built-in windows authentication and through it, safe and secured applications can be developed.

•    With amazing just in time compilation, native optimization, catching services and so on, the applications that are developed in .NET perform better.

There are many other benefits that .NET platform can offer. However, when hiring professionals, be cautious. You can peruse the company’s website to make an informed decision.

What has made Joomla one of the most popular CMS on the planet?

For those who aren’t aware of what Joomla is, Wikipedia says, “Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS.”

To make it simple, let’s put it this way-Joomla is one of the most popular, flexible and user friendly CMS on the planet. And trust us, this is not an exaggeration. Wondering what have made it so popular? Well, here we’ve the reasons:

1.    Fast, safe, and easy editing

Let’s assume that you need to edit a page on your website but you aren’t using a CMS. So how do you do it? You use FTP, download the file and again re-upload it with the changes made. Now, what if you’re not a technical person or someone else is also editing the same page? To avoid such complex issues, you can hire a Joomla website design company as Joomla is the best option.

Joomla makes it easier and simpler for you to edit anything on your website. Moreover, to ensure that no two people edit the same content at the same time, it locks the content.

2.    Powerful and easy menu creation tool

The easy menu creation tool is another important thing that has made Joomla so popular. It provides the most powerful and easiest menu creation tool and even a person, who has no programming experience can easily create the menu.

3.    Built-in basic SEO functionality

Another great thing about Joomla is that the Search Engine Friendly URLs are already built-in in Joomla. You just need to enable them and they will start working on your Joomla website. These links will bring great benefit to your SEO ranking. Also, the basic SEO can be done on your own in Joomla.

We hope you’ve understood the reasons behind popularity of Joomla for creating websites. To know more about this system, you can talk to our experts.

Signs you’ve hired the wrong Android app development company

With the numbers of increasing smartphone users, mobile apps have become important to help your business grow better and gain visibility. And among all other platforms available, Android app is undoubtedly the best one.

You can hire a reputable android app development company in India to ensure that you move on the right track.Believe it or not, the app you create will have the power to draw more audiences to your site and make your business successful. One wrong move can make you suffer and this is why it is important for you to choose a company that has a team of experienced developers. But how do you know if you’ve hired the wrong company? Here are the signs:

1.    The company jumps into development

App specifications are necessary as it helps in explaining your visions to the developers and also gives an idea about how the app will look once it’s ready. You should find answers to the questions such as who are your audiences, how the app should work, how the interface should be like etc.

A good android app development company will not only try to understand your vision, but will provide meaningful recommendations when required. If the company jumps into development without proper specifications, its’ time you appoint someone else.

2.    Lack of expertise

To ensure that you opt for the right company, it is necessary that you peruse their websites. Go through their previous portfolios and apps that they have developed. How good are the apps, their number of downloads etc. needs to be checked properly. If the reviews posted aren’t good or the apps aren’t clickable, it means the developers lack expertise.

3.    Low price is its main selling point

Undoubtedly, the services offered by the company needs to suit your budget. However, you need to understand that the quality isn’t proportionate to the price. Just like higher price doesn’t necessarily means good quality android apps, lower price doesn’t mean bad quality services.

But if you’ve hired a company based on its low price only, the services might not meet your expectations. Thus, you need to be cautious.

If you’ve committed any of the above errors, it’s time to rectify them as we all know-it’s better late than never.

The important dos and don’ts of website designing

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be…functional.”

-Cameron Moll

This famous quote by Cameron Moll must have given you the idea about one of the most important element of designing a website- it should be functional.However, to get the best website designed, making it functional isn’t enough. Thus, to help you create the awesome website you actually want to, here are a few dos and don’ts of website designing that you can follow.

•    Do create an engaging design

Creating a great website is all about making a design that appeal to your audiences, along with making it functional. The design of your website should be such that it draws the attention of your target audiences. Use elements and images that will provide them an engaging experience.

If you want a wonderfully designed website at a sensible cost, you can outsource website design to India.

•    Don’t slow down the load time

There is no denying to it that when you use oversize graphics to give your users an engaging experience, it may slow down the load time. And this slowdown will annoy your audiences, giving them a bad experience. Thus, ensure that the graphics you use are dynamically optimised for the screen.

•    Do use icons in a way that will save space

Icons are the best ways to communicate better with your audiences and to avoid wasting space as well. Therefore, try using icons in a way that will save space on your website. To make the most out of these icons, you can use them to signify menu, denote search etc.

•    Don’t use your invented icons

If you’re using some really cool icons that you’ve invented and are expecting the audiences to understand, you’re only making it confusing for them. What you can do is use the icons that are already accepted and people know about, rather than using something new.

If you’ve any other queries regarding website designing, give a call to our experts.

3 things that your audiences do not like about your website

Believe it or not, everything that you love about your website may not necessarily be loved by your audiences. And trust us, more than knowing what your audiences like about your website, it is important to know the things that they do not like. To help you find them, here we’ve the 3 important things that your audiences do not like about your website.

1.    You do not have a mobile friendly website

Majority of your audiences are mobile users and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re actually offering a painful experience to these majority of the target group. And your audiences do not like this at all.

Moreover, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will be penalized as per the Google update. Therefore, you should create a mobile friendly website. You can take the help of mobile website development services to create a great website.

2.    You have a bad navigation website

Imagine your visitors coming to your page and then leaving as they couldn’t find the guidance to move forward. This can happen if your website has a bad or complicated navigation. People like to visit a website that guides them to take the next step and also has call-to-actions.

You can design the website, keeping the navigation simple and understandable for the audiences. This is important to draw traffic to your website.

3.    The image sliders of your website takes forever to load

Image sliders have become common to showcase multiple relevant images in an efficient manner. But most people end up using these sliders the wrong way. If your sliders take too long to load, the audiences lose interest in browsing through your website. Thus, the images should be easily loaded by the sliders once the users click. There is no need to load a new page every time it gets clicked.

Thus, if you’ve any of these things on your website, make sure to fix it now. For any help, do talk to our experts.